India contributes more to 75% of World’s jobless Population

India contributes more to 75% of World’s jobless Population

If India contributes more to joblessness around the World then how rest of Indians, who are jobless survive? There has been many questions like this raised even after the demonetization in India post 2016. However, a study reveals that beggars in India easily found 1 or 2 in every 3 streets of India. However, they have their own terms and conditions as these beggars earn huge money and invest in some businesses.

Almost every beggar prefer to spend or invest money to allow auto drivers an opportunity to work for them. They buy autos and hire drivers and earn money on a daily basis.

Overall, the jobless around the World according to an analysis reveal that there are 75% jobless people and India contributes more. Indians, who work include children too in this analysis. Many poor family background children used to work in India. Education is far away from these talented Children in India. Work is what they need to do and they earn something including experience of odd jobs. About 88% in India are jobless, and the figure is increasing.

In about 3 households in India, there are two persons working. Even in the Gulf, Citizens started working. They’ve businesses and much more work opportunities easily available. UK has over 1M jobless people and in France too. They get benefits and they make money after having more children.

The analysis is based upon the rise of joblessness in India since 2016. Talented educated youth also couldn’t find jobs in India. The report is an estimation, which claims that most of the working Indians prefer to feed the jobless rather than teach them to work.

It’s a sorry state around the World while India contributes more is shocking to know.

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