How Financial difficulties Indians going to face for few more years

How Financial difficulties Indians going to face for few more years

We’ve certain factors on financial difficulties Indians going to face. And India will be in trouble, financially as Indians will suffer for few more years as they’re suffering at present. The Supreme Court suggested the central gov’t to follow some new ideas. The Apex Court wants the central gov’t to defer implementation of three farm laws. And to persuade farmers protesting against gov’t. And to come up with negotiations.

However, the Court meant that delay in implementation of farm laws might stop the protests. And it would be good to delay. But it looks that the farmers would not stop protesting unless the gov’t comes up with amicable solution.

The central gov’t is not keen to respond immediately to the suggestion of the Supreme court. This move again sidelines the financial difficulties Indians going to face. And Indians will be in financial trouble without thinking that the gov’t is responsible for not creating jobs. And also Indians will ignore setbacks to GDP and economy.

Implementing the laws are up to the central gov’t. And making new laws will be tough. The central gov’t still never listening to the demands of the farmers because the gov’t have to answer to the big players. Moreover, Indians not only losing jobs in India but also in foreign countries. Indians not moving around to purchase not so necessary products as the traffic on the roads is reduced to about 60%. Only 40% of Indians are moving out.

Fuel sale is lesser, which can hit India hard financially because majority of income the gov’t makes is through higher prices of fuel in India. And it makes sense because oil is cheap and the gov’t haven’t reduced the prices of fuel. Yes, there are many other factors, which will create financial difficulties in India.

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Finally, upon this topic India do not have educated ministers in the cabinet. Finance Minister doesn’t have abilities to overcome India’s financial problems. The modus operandi of the central gov’t will be to run in the minds of the people to divert attention of the masses from poverty or joblessness. Also slogans and many other blame games will be easier for the gov’t to highlight than work for the progress of India.

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