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India will be in recession if India never reacts immediately

India will be in recession if India never reacts immediately

India never hit too hard in terms of economy as things can go worse if the gov’t never reacts. India’s growth rate and GDP continues to fall. In 2019 also without pandemic crises India refused to revive economy. And the GDP also declined since then and continues to fall. India will be in recession as India needs to react first. And try to revive economy as there’s still some time.

However, India has gone into technical recession. And during the unplanned lockdown of three months, India was hit hard. But, after the lockdown India could have made some progress. It was again after the lockdown, the GDP continues to decline. It’s a financial crises, which needs to be controlled else India will be in recession.

Every developed country throughout the World affected hard with the crises of the pandemic. And with lockdowns.

However, India also termed as the developed nation since 2009.

It’s time to react now or wait for the worst to happen, which would show major crises of joblessness. The gov’t earns from the taxes and from so many gov’t benefiting players and so the gov’t should invest the earned money wisely.

The first quarter of this fiscal year showed worsening of economy and GDP whereas the second quarter also worst. Now, there’s a better reason and a better way to revive the economy if India fulfils the demands of the people. Therefore, India should provide support particularly to the poor households because poor people have nothing to circulate money.

Now Or Never…

Middleclass already in a major crises and it’s required to rebuild India than speaking a few words about the past crises. It’s nothing tough to create jobs or else India will be in recession. The gov’t needs to help Indians on a large scale and should focus on growth straightaway from now onwards.

If India never reacts during the coming few months or immediately then foreign countries would not invest in India. And that will affect millions of the middleclass people. And the poor will become poorest.

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