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India to resume UK flights from Jan 8 2021

India to resume UK flights from Jan 8 2021

It has been decided that flights between India and UK will resume from Jan 8, 2021. Operations till Jan 23 will be restricted to be 15 flights per week. However, each flight for passengers of both countries will use only few Indian locations. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad will operate for the flights from UK to land. India to resume UK flights in phase wise and with further updated schedule as per the situations. Further details will be uploaded shortly.

Meanwhile, it was learned that flight services between the United Kingdom and India will resume from Jan 8. But in a graded manner. The new variant of Coronavirus in the UK forced India to suspend flights for safety reasons. However, India to resume UK flights to allow passengers travel purposefully from both countries. Passengers wanting to travel for holiday or as tourists might not be entertained. All measures will be applied to prevent spread of the pandemic in India.

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