United Nations cautions devastating consequences for wetlands

United Nations cautions devastating consequences for wetlands

It was learned from Twitter that the United Nations celebrating today, Tuesday, Feb 02 as World Wetlands Day. It was also quoted as UN saying that water and Wetlands are inseparably connected and are vital to human life. And the health of our planet Earth. Yet, human beings use more fresh water than nature can replenish. And this will lead to devastating consequences for wetlands. The United Nations cautions further.

People reacted as saying: “No water, no life… water is precious and less… always use water with the awareness of no wastage”. Immediately another user followed with: “Water is the most precious commodity on earth. We need to completely change our way of life to reflect with:

Farming – Food production

Paper use


All non-essential consumer products”.

“There needs to be a balance between the population of the human species and the rest of nature, which was given to us by God”.

Finally. after United Nations cautions for wastage of water, an interesting strong reply also included here: “Let’s take care of the planet all together. If the human being started the contaminations, etc., then they can too stop the natural disaster that’s caused”.

You can check on the United Nations timeline on Twitter.

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