Police stops Pennsylvania Judge for violating traffic rules

Police stops Pennsylvania Judge for violating traffic rules

The Police in Pennsylvania did a great job to learn from. The Judge left the car in the middle of the road and started to use his power. But, the Police stops Pennsylvania Judge and ignores who is he?, while following law at the best. Therefore, the story is so good to learn from. This how the law works even if you’re powerful.

The Police says “Sir go back to your car. I’ll be with you in a second”. The Judge retorts “to whom you’re talking to?”.

Policeman then says politely: “Have a good day judge”. And it means the Judge needs to move away. Pennsylvania Judge, Dennis E. Reinaker had to leave because he was violating traffic rules. And it was nice to know the Police didn’t booked a case against him and let him go after a shocking lesson for him.

Later, the Judge told: “I neither expect nor deserve any special treatment and I made no such request on this occasion. However, I’m not immune to an instance of mild frustration during a morning commute.

Report Feb 6th 2021.

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