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Jemima Khan Mocking Imran Khan While Quoting Quran Verse Is Fair?

Jemima Khan Mocking Imran Khan While Quoting Quran Verse Is Fair?

It was mentioned in Quran several times to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their private parts. Firstly, it’s directly told in the Quran that Men should not see Women other than their wives to avoid any sense of pleasure. This sense of pleasure can lead to illegal sex or even bigger sins like rapes, which are the crimes happening everyday in large numbers around the World. Jemima Khan mocking Imran Khan while quoting Quran verse is fair enough. Departed Wife of PM Khan tweeted while quoting verse from the Glorious Quran:

Earlier, Khan said that Women should cover themselves righteously in order not to attract men to avoid rising crimes against women. Jemima Khan is departed Wife of PM Khan because of time management didn’t worked out for cricketer turned politician.

He was busy so he had to leave Jemima Khan but she is a believer too. She was in need of time from Mr. Khan. But Khan was busy in a struggle to build a cancer hospital and had also joined politics for the progress of Pakistan. An honest leader of a corrupt country, claim many experts around the World. Mr. Khan had then happily married again in 2018.

Purda For Men & Women

Men also should guard their private parts. Here, the “Purda” for men is mentioned in the Holy Quran at first and then for women. But for several times as a reminder. Purda is a veil, which protects your mind, body and evil thoughts against opposite sex such as illegally aroused sexually. Illegal sexual attraction is termed as that which is not towards spouses and for strange women & men.

Strange women & men means, people, who are not in your blood relations. The author uses “strange” here to make it short for you to understand that you can have gettogether with your blood relations of opposite sex but not with strangers. And also that you need to give respect and get respect from your blood relations including your parents or your siblings.

Jemima Khan also said: I knew not the Khan, who is speaking so and so now. But he used to say “put a veil on the men’s eyes not on the women”. Also she said: “The onus is on men” – “Say to the believing men that they restrain their eyes and guard their private parts, Quran – 24: 31”. This can make us think that Jemima Khan mocking Imran Khan while quoting Quran verse is fair enough.

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