Farmers Misused In India As Pandemic Reaches New Heights

Farmers Misused In India As Pandemic Reaches New Heights

Over 4 lakh positive COVID-19 cases (100,000 less than half Million) within the start of the month of May in India has put people in awe. Farmers misused too because of the pandemic and elections in India. The media is playing a role, which everyone needs to understand as farmers have also troubled through fake news.

Social media has been used by many Indian news channel workers to create fake posts and old videos to spread hatred. From there the reporting on TV channels has become lame. The shouts and sensational presentation of news on TVs divert people’s mind. And they’re showing their true Colors. 

True Colors

Television media is exposed because of giving importance to wrong information. Yet, it’s sad to know that farmers misused. And no politician speaking about what hardships they experienced. Still, the farmers need support from 2 corners if not from all the 4 corners. It’s nothing worse than ignoring people, who ask or demand for their legal rights. Farmers did so as they rejected the farm laws.

What’s wrong in it ? Let’s not forget that politicians played dirty games in India against the protesters. Firstly, they hurt the sentiments of the longest protest against NRC or NPR that took place at Shaheen Bagh.

Now, it’s for the farmers, who are in awe while they do want to do what benefits them and all the Indians. The govt breaks promises after promises. They make promises right before elections and break thereafter. Some hatred spreading BJP followers are happy for BJP. This is so because they lost everything and got rewarded from the atrocities to the people of Kashmir. And from Delhi riots. And some mob lynching.

It’s like worshiping a donkey, who knows only to sit and watch the drama in India. The sad truth is that India is going nowhere when donkeys are leading the nation. They’ve plenty of work to do but they are hidden since months. Only they come forward when elections are there and for some sort of idiotic steps like unplanned lockdown etc. 

It’s like when people need the govt then govt becomes blind. And when govt needs people to vote for them then they come forward to speak more lies. This way, farmers misused without doubt. However, farmers play a big role for the economy and GDP.

Take any farming even that of goats, govt benefits from farming. The reason for the govt not to encourage farming businesses in India is just to eat everything. And leave a sold India to some other govt. It’s true that BJP sold India. And have nothing to offer you. Come on. Joblessness and rise of poverty exposed BJP already. 

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