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Pakistan has 5 Trees Per Person While World Averages 422

Pakistan has 5 Trees Per Person While World Averages 422

Pakistan has 5 Trees Per Person While World Averages 422 

Pakistan has 5 Trees per Person while India is also below par. And stands at 28. The total World average for every Person in the respective countries, is 422. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to catch up with the average of 422. He told all Pakistanis to plant Trees. And a nationwide plantation from his govt is also going on.

Earlier, Imran Khan also spoke to Bill Gates regarding COVID situation in Pakistan. And reminded Bill Gates about how Pakistan was able to fight against Polio. The time is again sensitive as COVID-19 cases in Pakistan not going down below the 4 figure mark. India is again battling hard against new variant known as Delta variant.

The daily average COVID cases in India has been over 50k. And it’s a tough situation for all, who just want to come out of this crises in India. The govt in India is still surprisingly ignoring the fact that there would be a third wave in India soon. 

Tree Average Nothing To With COVID

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Trees Per Person Across Top Countries Around The World

Tree plantation is highest in Canada per person, which is 10,163. And the tree plantation works well for the better climatic conditions. But, this has nothing to do with COVID-19 crises or the surge in COVID cases. However, Pakistan fought well against COVID, when the neighboring country was too much affected than India.

India is slowly picking up with vaccination. But, India ignored the progress, without thinking about creating jobs. And so the COVID crises affecting India much more than Pakistan. However, India stands at 28 Trees per Person while Pakistan at 5 per Person. Again please note that having more trees or less trees in a country has nothing to do with regard to economy or any major crises. It only helps for normalizing climatic conditions. 

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