Asaduddin Owaisi Invested Huge Money in UP For 100 Seats ?

Asaduddin Owaisi Invested Huge Money in UP For 100 Seats ?

Asaduddin Owaisi Invested Huge Money Or What in UP For 100 Seats ?

The word investment or investing is used in businesses. That’s true for some orthodox experts over their claims that politics is a business. But, it’s not so for Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi. His AIMIM according to him always tries to protect the constitution. The question is why Asaduddin Owaisi invested huge money and where from this huge money comes to him? Mannaniye Sharma Ji ka beta, Mr. Abhisar Sharma blames AIMIM and Owaisi indirectly.

Mannaniye Sharma ji ka beta means honorable Sharma ji’s son. He is a YouTuber and he works for multiple YouTube channels. His YouTube shows are truly interesting to watch. Also he brought millions of subscribers single handedly for the respective YouTube channels. 

What we’re discussing here is for the content readers. And even if they want to watch YouTube channels, it’s all we only recommend them to. 

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Content & YouTube Effect

We like people, who watch YouTube and at the same time they shouldn’t ignore reading online reports. Well, after all YouTube channels operate while learning more & more from content news reports. The idea is smart as such, in a YouTube video of 10-15 minutes, they cover almost 2-3 news reports. And leave their opinions too. 

How much Asaduddin Owaisi invested in UP or keeps on investing for the UP elections. It might be 100 Crores or maybe more. Who knows? Only Owaisi can tell you. And he would ignore definitely if you ask this question to him. More specifically, no political party will disclose how much money they invest. Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi will never let you know how much money he takes for each seat. And how much he used to invest for. 

However, Abhisar Sharma in his two month old video spoke about the support that AIMIM gives to BJP. He told that BJP manipulates Owaisi’s speeches and his MLAs’ speeches and gains public attention. BJP targets only majority to gain more votes. And in this process, BJP tries to criticise Muslims, using Muslim leaders. Some experts do say that AIMIM is a B team of BJP. But when this was asked to Owaisi, he gave lame excuses. Those excuses not highlighted. 

It looks like Yogi will gain a lot more support since AIMIM will be abused for contesting in large numbers. Moreover, Yogi will regain his lost status and lost respect due to the fact that he has something against Muslims to speak upon. 

Asaduddin Owaisi Invested On What?

It’s not a do or die situation for AIMIM but for BJP. Someone asked Owaisi, why he’s contesting 100 seats for UP elections ? He said that every political party has their own decisions to make. And every political party, if wants to grow, should be allowed to grow. However, 5 years back the same Owaisi told that he never wants to become a big leader.

“Tell me Mohalle ka leader, I will agree to it. And I’m lesser than a Mohalle ka leader(Leader of small area). However, only time will tell a different story if the Muslims in UP vote cleverly. What happened in Bihar, had not happened in Bengal, where in Bengal, AIMIM was wiped off.

Also few Months back, senior Journalist and philosopher Mr. Vinod Dua told something about AIMIM differently. He said AIMIM’s role is peculiar, where from, whatever Owaisi says, and after which something else happens. This something else benefits BJP. Trust inhandwriter, Vinod Dua didn’t criticized AIMIM at all. But, BJP gains more power to their vote bank from whatever Owaisi speaks on.

AIMIM’s policies only help BJP while Asaduddin Owaisi speaks without thinking, or speaks intentionally, BJP in both cases, benefited with more voters or AIMIM voters might also increase. Whatever Asaduddin Owaisi invested whether hard work, time or money, etc. will be known sooner or later. 

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