Time For Electronic Wine After Success Of Electronic Cigarettes

Time For Electronic Wine After Success Of Electronic Cigarettes

How does electronic wine could be used? The first question in the minds of the people to know something, which can get them intoxicated. People move freely wherever they can while using vape (Electronic Cigarettes). Or E-Cigarettes. Hmmm. Is it time for electronic wine ? 

Using E-Cigarettes such as vape is inhaling of a vaporized un-harmful electric or electronic smoke. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices. They have cartridges filled with liquid and contain nicotine, flavors, and chemicals. Chemicals can cause minor health issues. However, it’s not conclusive that how much harmful are vapes, than normal cigarettes ? But, definitely less harmful than normal cigarettes, a study says. What about time for electronic wine ?  

Using this vape technology, scientists want to create wine vapes. In these products, you can find different forms of wine flavours instead of nicotine. 

The idea is to input intoxication of wine on users of wine vape. This wine vape might look like, a lollipop from which wine could be inhaled. Thus, it’s assumed that people can get the effect of intoxication while using wine vapes. It’s use during parties, or during “free time” when one wants to go unnoticed of alcohol abuse. Wine vapes will not be allowed for drivers or for people in crowded places, and in the queues. Study has to be made to know whether wine vapes are an alternative for quitting alcohol or not ? 

Time Will Tell What?

However, only time will tell a different story as it can also increase wine vape consumption. And this in turn keep more people intoxicated. Every minute, the world can find millions of people intoxicated while drinking wine. This huge intoxication can make us understand that how much waste of time millions of people do each minute? Well, alcohol in any form or smoking in any form is injurious to health.  

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