Health Minister Harsh Vardhan Resigned Too Late Not Justified

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan Resigned Too Late Not Justified

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan Resigned Too Late 

Dr. Harsh Vardhan resignation has been too late say many people. Health Minister Harsh Vardhan need not be blamed for the pandemic COVID to spread across India. It’s so because the govt has been taking advantage of the situation to blame Dr. Harsh Vardhan. The situation is that the govt played their worst possible role during the pandemic using unplanned lockdowns. And moreover, the govt used false belief of lighting candles for 9 minutes while switching off electricity to fight against the virus. It was nothing but superstition, and people from there fooled each month. Now, the resignation of Dr. Harsh Vardhan comes in a wake to counter attack the govt’s own failures. 

There were huge loss of jobs in India since early 2020. And poor become the poorest and GDP, Economy, Price Inflation made most of the helpless people to commit even suicides. India is the worst hit nation due to the pandemic because of failure in managing the infectious disease spread. And playing blame games against minorities of India while ignoring legitimate steps towards progress. Or even if India had succeeded in handling the pandemic then that would have been very good at least. People lost their loved ones, and many people have been selling their assets in order to pay hospital bills. 

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Mohan Bhagwat and BJP cannot misguide Indians as Indians are not foolish…

Yes, a new health minister will do good if he or she given the right to do whatever he wants to. But the govt comes in between and makes things worse without having enough knowledge. The majority of criminals in the govt, speak volumes to put India in doldrums. The lies, which are plenty, spoken everyday to blame others. And even the BJP govt takes credit for all the bad policies, twisted in whichever way possible to fool Indians. 

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