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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Disagrees To Population Control Law

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Disagrees To Population Control Law

Speaking to ANI ,Bihar CM Nitish Kumar disagrees to population control law. He said: “Every state is independent to do what they want to. My opinion is very clear that population control can’t be attained by just making laws. When women will be educated, they’ll become conscious enough and fertility rate will decrease”.

The Bihar CM Nitish Kumar disagrees as he pointed education of women alongside what’s believed in today’s India that almost 95% of families don’t have more than three Children. This is the case, while Muslims, and people of other religions started using contraceptives, since more than 25 years.

The game is well played on the grounds to blame Muslim communities. Population of Muslims in India never increased due their birth rates as those from other religions have more children than Muslims.

However, Islam prohibits killing of Children in the wombs only in fear of poverty and food. Food will be or will not be provided to the people even if they’ve one child. So, you can’t challenge the nature when almost the entire population never wants more children to bear with.

There were cases of miscarriage and too many children born through surgeries. However, still India finds the fifth and sixth child as most successful without doubt, who is in fact a boon to the family. And not a bane.

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