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India Takes Third Wave As Weather Forecast When COVID Cases Marginally Lower

India Takes Third Wave As Weather Forecast When COVID Cases Marginally Lower

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in India have come down to be 40,000 per day on average. A day of 35k cases and another day of 45k cases, makes people think free to travel to hill stations. And do attend social gatherings for marriage parties, birthday celebrations, and in all commonly move out wherever they like. It’s though India had experienced a boon for domestic tourism during this crises, recently.

But the proper-way to move out of homes is the best way while following social distancing. It’s again not a good sign that India takes third wave as it took the second wave so easy, where a large number of people died because of the virus. Current lowered Covid-19 cases aren’t of anything to say that India has won the battle against Covid-19 and its variants. Remember it’s not like weather forecast or any prediction but third wave would hit India hard if people don’t care.

Third Wave & What Indians Need To Do

It’s neither a prediction nor any guess. But the third wave is inevitable because India already experienced the second wave. There were all chaos in India during the second wave, which has become weak since a couple of months. Now, still the cases are more than the numbers as calculated because people are also affected in the remote areas.

However, India takes third wave as something, which will come and go like the second wave. But, it’s not that way, the third wave could be more dangerous than the second wave. This again will create a lot of trouble and could kill a large number of people. The experts from the health ministry keep warning the people and to follow the protocol, even after vaccination.

That time has gone away, which was before 2020, this time is and will be of taking things not as they come. But to take things to follow what to ignore and what to to take seriously. Yes, it’s requested to one and all that they shouldn’t be complacent.

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