Shilpa Shetty ignores Raj Kundra held in custody accepts divorce rumors

Shilpa Shetty ignores Raj Kundra held in custody accepts divorce rumors

Shilpa Shetty ignores Raj Kundra, who is still in judicial custody and also she is also looking for more work. The actress wants to keep herself busy and carry on her own business, mind her own work, dismissing rumors. The rumors irritated the actress of late when she noticed the news of divorce started to spread. Her husband Raj Kundra is in judicial custody, which doesn’t mean that Shilpa Shetty prefers to stay away from him. Many a times, Shilpa hasn’t reacted to these kind of stories keep popping up. She said, “this is not the first time that there are such rumors regarding marriage and divorce or separation.

The Story Begins – Shilpa Shetty Ignores Raj…

Raj and Shetty in 2016 made headlines when several rumors about their separation and divorce started circulating around social media. However, She’s now quick to slam all about her while ignoring what her husband is up to.   

“Why would there be a problem? You are mad or what? I love my husband. He is my soulmate, touchwood!” She went on to say, only once and had a face full of smiles.

Clapping Can’t Be From 1 Hand

Meanwhile, the actress is all set to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. She also brought her Ganesha idol home on Wednesday. Trolling started when someone quick to attack on her saying, ‘pati ko toh aane do’. Means can’t you let your husband released? People started calling Shilpa ‘shameless’ just for being herself. Just to be in the limelight, Shilpa Shetty ignores Raj Kundra and has taken positives out of her husband’s way of life, which can help her to find more work. It makes a point that Shilpa will in sometime leave Kundra if she starts to enjoy life independently.

Shilpa finds bright-light being on the limelight after so many flop films and flop projects in her bag, she looks to earn money. Earning money might be her primary goal since the pandemic hit Bollywood too hard. She wants to take positives out of the divorce rumors between her and Raj Kundra. The disgraced husband also helped her in anyway to reach some level even though he’s in judicial custody. Yes, clapping can’t be from one hand. It looks as if Shilpa Shetty accepts divorce rumors. The game is on.

Image-Credit: Vogue

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