Few Questions To Ask Protestors Of Non Veg

Few Questions To Ask Protestors Of Non Veg

There are still few questions to ask protestors of Non Veg, which would be tough. The crazy vegetarians could answer, but can’t justify. They start protesting each year during Bakrid (Eid-Ul-Adha) about no more animal killings. “Why shouldn’t I stop killings of animals when still I can have vegetarian tasty food?”. “I don’t smoke, I drink but I’m fine without Non Veg food. I’m proud vegetarian, I’m bothered and hurt over the killings of animals”.

“Why don’t people consume vegetarian food instead of killing animals?”. The same list of questions trend every year right before Eid-Ul-Adha and continues for few more days after the festival of sacrifice.

Sacrifice is just not for animals. Muslims do sacrifices, they keep themselves away from committing sins and even they don’t pay attention when abused. Here, the reasons why some animals slaughtered for consumption is simple. Even if you prefer vegetarian food than Non Veg, it’s fine, but why worry over others, who consume meat. Meat is good for health and also tasty. That’s a different thing. Leave it. If you don’t want to slaughter animals then what would you do?

It’s good that instead of selling the animals, you would serve them with whatever green food they need.

To Begin With…

Every soul has to taste death. So, animals also will die sooner or later. You’ll take care of the animals even if they become sick. You’ll provide the best possible treatment for whatever diseases, minor or major, the animals affected with. Yet, animals have to die one day. Death is painful. Isn’t it? You deserve a lot of praise to protect animals. Loving animals is good. So yes, killing of innocents including human beings, animals and birds not acceptable.

I found these verses in Quran, where it was told: “Saving a life of 1 innocent human being is as if saving the entire humanity”. “Killing of innocent human being is as if killing the entire humanity”.

Taking care of animals is good deed. On the other hand, ignoring the killings of human beings is also bad.

Human lives are as important as animal lives. Animals are slaughtered to consume the meat. If anyone or even Muslim doesn’t like to eat meat then he’s doing not bad. In the other way, poor people deserve to taste meat because vegetables are less expensive than meat. If you want to provide good nutritious food to the poor, which’s in a way they love to have, you can do so by giving them best Non Veg food. The poor people can’t afford to consume meat even once in a month. So, it’s good deed to provide meat to the poor anytime or during Eid-Ul-Adha.

You can’t stop the tiger from hunting. Even if you keep the tiger in the Zoo, you need to feed the tiger, what? Meat, isn’t it? So, from where you get the meat to feed the tiger? Thus, read this article: Few questions to ask protestors of Non Veg and so on.

Few Questions To Ask Protestors?

  1. What if they die after suffering a lot from bad health? This is the first question. However, the export and import of meat provides a boost to the economy. Farmers, who do cattle business, also benefit with much more. They can grow cattle and sell on higher prices. Cattle always comes with some extra things like leather.
  2. The leather jacket, leather belt and leather shoes, you wear, from where you get? Yet another question.
  3. Why your digestion system allows meat to digest easily and also your teeth are made in such a way to eat meat. If ever humans aren’t allowed to consume meat, then the human teeth would be flat, just like the teeth of goats or cows. Third question.
  4. Why would you ignore people, who consume eggs and milk though as vegetarians, you also consume fish. Prawns, fish, chicken, goat included in many Non Veg tasty food menus. Is mosquito not any living being, if it’s so then why you kill mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc. and also protest to save lives of animals? Trees and plants also have senses, which are living beings, yet you bother about animals and cut trees, plants. Also consume fruits, vegetables without noticing that plant, which provides fruits or vegetables still can feel the pain when you cut out fruits and vegetables. This what science says.
  5. If your brother is dumb, deaf and blind, just like a tree, then someone kills him, what punishment would you ask for the killer. You won’t say give the killer lesser punishment because my brother was dumb, deaf and blind like a tree or a plant. So, killing plants or trees is good than killing animals for food. Isn’t it?


If You still want to protest against Non Veg food. Go ahead, it’s your wish, you care too much about animals and also about human beings. Live and let others live. Keep criticizing Non Veg people. I won’t say Muslims are Non Veg people, there are so many people from all religions, who consume Non veg. Then why ask Muslims. So, I preferred few questions to ask protesters of Non Veg.

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