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Overseas Students In America Need Not Worry For Legal Stay

Overseas Students In America Need Not Worry For Legal Stay

There’s much more to know and yes, there are many reasons to highlight few good points as pointed out the experts, which we’ve learned from them so far. No need for the so called current overseas students in America worrying about their legal stay? Working so hard for jobs and to take care of their living alongside studies might be a herculean task. Overseas students in America from various countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, work very hard. The good thing is they’re studying and also can easily get jobs, but not jobs they would like.

If for any reason, these overseas students find tough to get settled, their parents back home need not worry. It’s fine the job market is tight everywhere. In America too, it’s tough to get a job in the field of your choice.

You can still be a winner, you can get American student visa as easily as you won’t think about. Your paper work needs to be good. Proper fulfilment of the requirements including your bank statements, where you can go out of the box to get these fixed. No issues, whatsoever, try yourself or contact a consultancy. They’ll do your processing and you too need to do your processing, which some of the consultancies want you to. That’s what overseas students in America, already gone through and are currently studying. They have a goal to live and work in America permanently. It’s again not an issue.

Firstly, try to find a job in order to get a work visa (H1). Don’t worry if you fail to get one such white color job.

Overseas Students In America vs Jobs

For example, vacancies do come in various companies, and the openings might be filled up to a thousand every month. The number of overseas students also increases everyday. Every month, overseas students in America would cross 5 digits. So, four digit of jobs available for five digit of jobseekers. Isn’t it? How come you’re disappointed when you won’t get a job for two to three years? The competition is too tough.

Yes, for any good achievement, always there will be tough competition. What you would do? You can either look for odd jobs and work for long hours in order to earn more. That’s fine. An odd job is one, anyone can do – These include jobs on gas stations, on stores, shops, restaurants and so on. If you work in these odd job positions for more than 12 hours daily, then you wouldn’t have that much time to study or attend interviews.

Why Need Not Worry

Leave aside top job interviews because you’ll be in a position, which would keep you forget what you’ve studied. So, no question to pass the interviews.

There are more unmarried persons in America up to the age of 30 or more. One would not prefer to marry American citizen for so many reasons. However, search for such good opposite gender alongside taking opinions from your relatives in America. Since over 50 years, America is flooded with incoming foreigners from many poor countries. So, there will be for sure, your relatives or friends always there to help you or not before you think of landing in America. It’s highly impossible that a person from India or any other similar country do not have connections like friends or relatives.

Find a partner, get married to live your American dreamlife. That’s questionable because you would be suffering in America while married to American citizen, yet you want to flaunt that you’re an American citizen. That’s not an issue after all you gain something and sacrifice something in order to live American dreamlife after simply studying in America. The student visa for America is so easy to get. You then think of doing much more as your wants need to be restricted because the only reason left for you to stay legally in America is earn good money.

American Dream Life

You earn money, you’ll also become senior citizen and will be enriched with benefits. Your life of 35 years in America passes so quickly that when you want to visit your country of birth, you’ll be too old. Yes, there are people, who visit their country of birth, once in two years after they become American citizens.

There are so many reasons and questions experts used to ask overseas students when they hesitate to marry American citizens. Why would you call yourself self dependent; when you’re taking support of America, and yet want to ignore marrying American citizens. You’re no more a self-dependent person when you can’t earn that much money in your country of birth while calling yourself an expert.

You’re finished, once you choose America for better life. This is so because your lifestyle will be changed or transformed. You’re no more an Indian or Pakistani…, etc. Even if you live for 90 years, you’ll be healthy or maybe not, but you become dependent, even if you settled in America. That dependency of you is the “Credit Card”, you own to survive or live an easy life.

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