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Shah Rukh Khan Family Good Family Deserves Suffering

Shah Rukh Khan Family Good Family Deserves Suffering

People have become so blind that they keep on saying so much against innocents. Well, a family not pious or too much worldly aren’t not innocent? Innocents are innocents. Many people are coming forward to speak against the troubled Shah Rukh Khan family. Many more mocking at him, saying he deserves punishment. It’s wrong. Condemn what’s wrong without highlighting whatever sin he do without committing a crime. This is what innocents deserve. Shah Rukh Khan family deserves suffering for what?

One of the top actor and ex BJP politician Shatrughan Sinha while speaking to NDTV said, he knows the SRK family, and Aryan Khan is too good. Why not think the way Islam says about innocents. Whether he or she commits major sins or not even then we need to condemn any atrocity against him or her. Bollywood top star and a politician Shatrughan Sinha told briefly to NDTV that SRK (Shah Rukh Khan) is a good person. He did all hard work in his life to become a superstar. His wife and Aryan Khan as far as he knows are too good. They’re good people, lamented Sinha.

“Most of the Bollywood stars not coming up to speak in favor of SRK because they fear the govt”. When asked: “Why they’re afraid though they’ve lot of wealth and fame?”. He said: “This is the reason, they’re worried of losing everything that they earned. I don’t fear because until today, I have no police cases”. Argued Shatrughan Sinha while saying: “Bother about politicians to leave BJP than thinking about me, who left BJP, and it’s different thing”.

Final Words…

Everything is fair when you support innocent even if he or she hates your religion in his thoughts without bothering to trouble anyone. He’s or she’s not punished by the Almighty in this world even if he hates the Almighty, then who are you to blame him or her? Find out more… Learn your religion, practice it and then come out in support of innocents and not in support of the criminals. A person if has a small good deed in him or her, which pleases the Almighty, then he or she will be forgiven. Here, this report is based on religion because the arrest of Aryan Khan is also based on religion. That’s final. Truth will come out soon.

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