Chennai To Ride Kolkata After Electing To Bat First

Chennai To Ride Kolkata After Electing To Bat First

Chennai Super Kings, an IPL most famous franchisee, but next to Kolkata Knight riders. CSK will play KKR tomorrow at 7:30 PM for the coveted IPL trophy. If CSK has more to say about their winning habits then KKR has some pressure of losing from winning positions. IPL 2021 final between Chennai and Kolkata will be played at Dubai International Stadium. Chennai to ride Kolkata also means a close and tight finish, where any team can become IPL champion.

Kolkata has few good bowlers while Chennai is packed with game changers. Even a 41 year old MS Dhoni can come forward to snatch victory from the jaws of Kolkata. On an average, Chennai team looks good on paper while Kolkata has a few stroke players, who can hit boundaries on ease. However, all 8 IPL teams have good players including Chennai and Kolkata.

The point is who keeps nerves. Who can play good cricket under crunch situation? Kolkata can play better in pressures. This is so because they’re the ones, who create difficult situation, playing bad from going on too good. They’ll reach the target in difficulty even if the target is so easy to achieve. This was seen in their last encounter against Delhi. It’s all going on in the minds of Eoin Morgan and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The two best captains of IPL 2021. It’s evident that Chennai to ride Kolkata after electing to bat first if they win toss. Toss is crucial.

Toss: 7: PM IST. Match Starts at 7: 30 PM IST (Oct 15, Friday)

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