Experienced Candidates Sitting At Homes As Overqualified

Experienced Candidates Sitting At Homes As Overqualified

Companies looking for candidates up to 8 years of experience and not more than that. So experienced candidates sitting at homes when asked about their experience. Why so? Even though experienced candidates lost their good jobs and looking forward to earn to survive in the competing job market, they’re the losers in anyway. They’ve to show their skills and experience, which in order to get the jobs desperately candidates show much more than what they hold. Their experience and their energetic top skills sidelined as too many jobseekers in the pipeline.

Employers have crazy sense of asking more to the experience candidates and the candidates wait for no fruitful outcome. Ignored by top and mid-level employers these experienced candidates sitting at homes currently in agony. The pain of sitting idle looms large over the freshers and the experienced lot to bear in India at present. What kind of stupidity currently employers doing or even going further to cheat jobseekers. Hence they in calling them for a test to write for them in various subjects of their choice, they end up stealing well done test or work from the jobseekers.

An agonizing situation even for the candidates, who have too much knowledge and experience to listen words like: “You’re overqualified”. Employers after stealing the work always done online after the interviews say these words “you’re overqualified”. So this is the testing time for experienced candidates sitting at homes because of no proper sense in the interviews. Why not hire overqualified candidates as they can perform even better?

Beware Of Fraud & Overqualified Statements

If employers want you to write any test online in order to know how much capable you’re even when you performed better in the interviews then just ignore. They’re not going to provide you any job rather they’ll steal your work. They know you’ll work hard to complete the task in quick-time and in this way jobseekers are looted. Employers are supposed to the “fake employers”, who without introducing about their company and their name, come to you calling to know about you. In this case don’t answer anything or speak anymore to these fake employers if they don’t care to introduce themselves before asking too many questions to you.

Relax and look at what the employers looking for. They want you to work at least 9-10 hours and also they want to know whether you’re hardworking or not? After this they come at you begging to you to write online tests. You’ll be glad to write the tests, which they provide in their own limited time. This way they’ll never get back to you while they keep saying will get back to you soon. Stealing of hard worked online work is a menace need to be reduced. Do your best even after losing your job to think wisely how can you manage to earn good money.

Everything is in crises in India after joblessness and poverty including hunger keeps on increasing. Just think not too much. Migrate to the best countries and allow yourself to work anywhere in whatever job role to survive. Ignore these idiot fake employers. They’re not going to help you anymore.

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