6 Top Cricket Teams To Fight Hard After Losing Toss

6 Top Cricket Teams To Fight Hard After Losing Toss

The way, World Cup T20 shaped up toss losers of crucial matches to lose, speaks a lot. Toss losers have lost the matches in the end as they didn’t fought too hard. India lost toss in their first two games of super 12 and then didn’t fought too hard to win the matches to be in Semi final. The 6 top cricket teams to fight hard after losing toss in their respective bilateral series will be a concern. If the situation demands batting first in favor for the 6 top cricket teams then losers of toss have to fight hard.

The battle of winning toss to win cricket matches will not be in the hands of the captains. They’ll lose if they didn’t take a good decision after winning the toss. But toss is likely to play a crucial role in the upcoming matches after the World Cup T20.

Conditions will suit teams to bat first and then similarly some other conditions like in UAE suits batting second. However, toss will play crucial role in the upcoming matches, which can’t be ruled out. The 6 top cricket teams are most likely; Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, England, India and South Africa. These top teams have good batters and good bowlers if this is not the case then they’ve too good players. The powerful strikers of the ball still have to deal with the outcome of the toss. Test cricket is always a real test, but here too toss will become crucial.

All 6 top cricket teams have strengths and no weakness. So, winner of the toss will be the winner of the cricket matches of any format. These all 6 fighting teams have to fight hard if they lose the toss.

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