Tuesday, February 20, 2024
If South Africa Is Unsafe Then Even First World Countries Will Be Unsafe

If South Africa Is Unsafe Then Even First World Countries Will Be Unsafe

First world countries didn’t supplied vaccines to South Africa instead opted for boosters or even third dose. Even 100% vaccination with booster shots in the first world countries will not be helpful if any country is unsafe. With not much access to vaccines or lesser vaccination percentage in any country, nobody around the world will be safe. The omicron virus so far haven’t created panic but travel ban to South Africa initiated as pressing the panic button too early. If this is the case for any country opting travel ban for countries, where variants found then this creates panic. Still South African Doctors claim that omicron variant can spread faster, but putting travel ban couldn’t be justified. If South Africa is unsafe then even first world countries will be unsafe.

Why do vaccination drive in your country in a rapid pace just like a cat race to make America great. To make Japan Great, to make UK great and so on. Pleasing people of your own country to get vaccinated without thinking about the return of virus from countries like South Africa is rubbish. More people still are unvaccinated in South Africa. But America and other first world countries trying their best to vaccinate their own people. Even if thrice or fourth time people vaccinated in the first world countries, they’ll still be unsafe. This is so because if South Africa is unsafe then everyone is unsafe – A call to action.

Make a note of other countries too. Prefer to serve or help poor countries than looking forward to become a super-power. What’s the use of a super-power if poor countries become poorest. People die of hunger. There are responsibilities that rich countries need to take to help poor or third world countries. Be connected to help.

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