Joe Biden To Americans No More Talking Time For Action

Joe Biden To Americans No More Talking Time For Action

Joe Biden to Americans said no more talking and it’s time for action after claiming: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law invests $42 billion to modernize our ports and our airports. This makes easier for companies to get goods to market. Thus reducing supply chain bottlenecks, lowering costs for families. And making sure that what you need gets to your home on time. This way America is moving forward.

However, one of the replies were also sarcastic:

I wonder, how much of that money will actually make it to infrastructure projects? And after the private contractors take their cut.

Some others similar to all, who appreciated President Joe Biden liked his tweet and replied:

All the things you have done. Have been so wonderful! Thank you for your sacrifice for our nation.

Likes and retweets continued as it was something great when Joe Biden to Americans opened up to say that he’s so far doing all good. Later few others disagreed to him saying so this way below:

  1. The people want debt relief and socialized medicine. Businesses want infrastructure. Guess what we are doing? I’m just saying, I’ve never heard anyone say, “I really need insulin, but that road has a lot of potholes so the insulin can wait.”
  2. Infrastructure has been ignored for a generation. Getting out of Afghanistan was avoided by every administration because they knew it would end the way it did. Thank you for making tough, even if unpopular choices. Shows integrity.
  3. The infrastructure policy Used to be a monopoly policy makes the rich , richer ! Now people living in the streets I think the action is too late after many life distractions!

That’s what it was learned so far in short.

Also read below:

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