Hyderabad Airport To Solve Parking Issues

Hyderabad Airport To Solve Parking Issues

It’s good to know that Hyderabad airport – RGIA – GMR has learned about how bad passengers’ experience using paid parking service. The payment and exit is touch difficult. Passengers experience a lot of trouble parking their vehicles. A question also raised. However, Hyderabad airport official responded to this nicely while pointing out to resolve the parking issues.

A passenger, who experienced the parking issue like many others asked: “Don’t know if this improved, yet. But parking exit at RGIA is hell from what I last remember. There are two different spots for payments. Drivers get stuck in the pandemonium of the main exit of parking irrespective of their payment status. Kindly work on improving that, please!”. To this RGIA – Rajiv Gandhi International Airport official tweeted back: “Thank you for sharing your feedback. We have shared it internally with our team and are working to deliver better services to make our passengers traveling experience smooth”.

A good hard work on making the experience of passengers at Hyderabad airport going on. Health desks and currency counters are all set. Hygienic and clean washrooms maintained at waiting areas too. “Be ready with negative COVID report to experience traveling the best to fly to and from Hyderabad. Following Covid-19 protocols at all times is of prime importance at the #HYDAirport. Your safety is our priority”. It was further reported so by the official. Hyderabad is a beautiful place to visit and experience the culture, where all Hyderabadis will treat everyone nicely. Also good to show rightly, wherever you want to go.

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