Education without authentic religious knowledge is harmful for some

Education without authentic religious knowledge is harmful for some

It’s sad to know that authentic knowledge of religions not easily available. But educated people can do wonders to bring peace. Educated people can access in-depth knowledge about religions, 1 or 2, few or more. Educated people can learn facts and reconfirm the facts about so and so religion. You know you’re doing good to educate yourself then it’s also good to unite people of different religions, and so education without authentic religious knowledge isn’t unworthy? If you’re educated then why not learn your own religion more?

If not satisfied with what your religion says then ignore as you’re born parenthetically in such religion, and you need to find out where’s the truth, and in which religion? This makes sense because you may not do what your parents did and so you maybe more educated than them. Parents can only guide you or force you to learn something good, but it’s you, who work hard and responsible to educate yourself. If you do not believe this then look at some people, who listen not to their parents and grow up as uneducated or work as drivers, housekeepers, etc.

You’re right in choosing the best religion if you’re educated, and so you can find what’s the facts in some other religion or your own religion too. It’s crazy and ridiculous to support the “no conversion law”.

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Education is good & isn’t religion too?

There’s nothing wrong to accept some other religion. Your parents followed that religion and so you don’t necessarily need to follow that religion too. Your parents as human-beings were or are not so knowledgeable in some case because of poverty or lack of knowledge. Also this is because if your parents for example were or are house-keepers and they want you to become a doctor. So, you work hard to become a doctor or a scientist, which means you did good for yourself. And in this way, you’ve the right to choose whatever religion speaks truth or is peaceful to follow. Isn’t it?

If not so then do good to yourself and be good to others. Not just good to some or few. Good manners and etiquette keeps you away from spreading hatred.

Here, education without authentic religious knowledge is wasteful if not for many, but for some people. These “some people” believe in science and work hard for a better future, and also they ignore learning more about their own religion. They don’t have time, but it would be too late for them if the world comes to an end, anytime. If they keep on insulting people, who maybe not from their religion of birth, they’re doing harm not for themselves, but for many. In their free time, these “some people” other than work read fiction stories and watch something to enjoy. Don’t they understand and speak out if “some people” create hatred against people belonging to some other religion?

It’s not enough! Do more and keep doing more and educate yourself more including knowledge of religions.

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Education without religious knowledge harmful

Some people keep themselves away from politics and religion, and also these people either educated or uneducated. These people have nothing to do with anyone and they live without any care. Who cares? They say and so they’re like animals – to hunt – to eat and rest.

Some educated people speak to spread hatred among people of 1 or 2 religions without knowing authentic religious knowledge. Also the battle or competition between religions go nowhere and ends up in fights. These people create hatred without proper knowledge or knowing the facts. Defending what wrong your people do with fake reports is nuisance. Though everyone has the right to agree or disagree, but disagreeing without knowing authentic religious knowledge is harmful. These educated people become blind. They’re wasteful people in this world if they use their education to spread hatred from one religion to the others. Why can’t they work hard a bit to know facts.

Let people know about facts and authenticity in religions. A few religious books keep on changing with new versions or editions. Why do this? Are these people have that much authority to change, which was there in their religion? Also some people talk about modern world and do not follow any religion to call themselves Atheists. It’s good to believe in yourself and your own religion, but at the end if you’re proved wrong then what would you do as you would be no more alive. Life is short, or maybe up to 95 years and that too for few number of people. When you know, there’s an end to many lives on same time or on different times, you need to think good.

Education without authentic religious knowledge…

Every hour, millions of people die and millions born. Pregnant lady also unsure about her child will be born alive and healthy, and live for how long. Don’t you think that world too has an end. It’s not worth to bother people, who earn a lot and share their achievements, enjoy and have lot of fun. What’s so bothering is when these people achieved a lot, and hurt many people without knowing authentic religious knowledge. For them, a few words will be; spend some time to learn religions in authenticity and then come out, say good. They’ll speak good and these people around the world will speak good and they’ll be good to others too if they know authentic religious knowledge.

It’s horrible to abuse people, who firmly believe in their religion as the best religion. Again it’s pathetic to point out something to claim it’s wrong in so and so religion, which’s not at all mentioned and without finding what’s true or factual. If education keeps you on top then religion too. If you don’t want to follow religion, then you need to keep silence and be mindful of your own business.


You can’t just a large population of people to abuse them. Faith is so important to people around the world that they don’t care losing wealth. They don’t care to spend more to earn rewards by helping people. All faith people live around the world, but do you realize that faith is more than anything for many people. How can these many people follow so and so religion so nicely without hurting anyone. And you “some” people come from behind to hurt their sentiments. You maybe living a life full of joy, and maybe living in pain, but respect the sentiments of others. Live and let others live. Be nice to one and all. Complete your life’s journey with all good than any bad.

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