Girls protest in Hyderabad against Karnataka Hijab restrictions

Girls protest in Hyderabad against Karnataka Hijab restrictions

Girls Islamic Organization, Telangana (GIO) staged a protest near seven tombs at Golconda, Hyderabad. A number of girls from different localities assembled together to raise their voice. Girls protest in Hyderabad against the ongoing controversy in Karnataka over Hijab or scarf ban.

The Hyderabad girls used placards too on Monday. Hijab restrictions still prevail after the girls allowed in the college to attend classes. They were told to sit in a separate class. This is also annoying because students can’t able to learn clearly sitting in the other classroom.

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GIO TS demands that the Karnataka government must end the prejudice towards minorities. Also ensure that every women in the state enjoy their rights provided under the constitution of India. The girls and women claimed “what my hair to do for learning Chemistry and Math”. Hijab or scarf in Hyderabad used by girls from Hindu and Muslim communities. It’s preferable to maintain decency.

The protection from evil eyes to some extent. Also it’s required for Muslim girls to cover their hair. They can show their face and also should speak strictly and boldly against strangers. Means not to keep their heads down so that men would be impressed to some extent. Also girls should be decently dressed by not showing the shape of their bodies. Men need to lower their gaze, and guard their private parts.

The girls from different religions alleged that pandemic affected the studies of students. Girls also suffered a lot during the testing times. By raising slogans, the girls protest in Hyderabad. The girls from different communities below 25 years of age started protesting in Hyderabad since early morning. This is in assertion of their rights to the choice of dress. All girls and women protestors expressed their condemnation peacefully in the city of Nizams.

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