Hyderabad airport serves food as Nizami Dawat at 1 counter 3 eateries

Hyderabad airport serves food as Nizami Dawat at 1 counter 3 eateries

Bored of eating food from just one restaurant? Don’t worry. Know more from Hyderabad airport. The Nizami Dawat offers you three eateries at one counter. You can choose from the best dishes of Hotel Shadab, Hotel Bawarchi, and Angaara 5. Tweeted RGIA official. This is in response to the demands of customers for their choicest food. Hyderabad airport serves food in the likes of Nizami Dawat and more other options. Nizami Dawat serves food at one counter, three eateries. You can decide and order the best. Top quality Hyderabad food available now at the airport. Come and fall in love with Hyderabad.

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Couple of Food Items
Hygienic grilled Chicken

Food & More

Visit Aeroplaza, #HYDAirport #FlyHYD. You need not worry about having food from just one restaurant. There are plenty of choices other than Nizami Dawat. However, Nizami Dawat serves multiple Hyderabad delicious food. Fly from Hyderabad or land at Hyderabad, you’ll have no more food worries. Eat good food at low cost too. Hyderabad is a city of delicious food and also a favorite city of the tourists. Visitors can enjoy a lot in Hyderabad. The cultural activities and also people can visit Hyderabad exhibition starting from Feb 25. The exhibition or “Numaish” was abruptly shutdown because of Covid-19. Now the exhibition coming up from Feb 25 for 45 days.

Hyderabad Exhibition, Food, Visitors, Tourists, Hyderabad Airport serves food
Hyderabad Exhibition at Nampally road getting ready to start from Feb 25

Arranging of  the stalls as annual fair All India Industrial Exhibition, famous as Numaish, which was abruptly shut down a day after inauguration. This was due to surge in Covid-19 cases. However, the exhibition to reopen from February 25.

It’s interesting to know that the Hyderabad airport serves food as Nizami Dawat for the travelers. Also visitors allowed to receive and sendoff their loved ones. They can come and not just wait. They can reach out anywhere towards food counters and enjoy different kinds of food. Travelers too, don’t just need to wait. Just order and within 10 mins food will be served. Hyderabad airport has options for visitors too, not just waiting for your loved ones to receive or send them off nicely. Visitors also can enjoy their stay at the airport. Overall a fabulous experience!

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