How arrange marriage is more successful than love marriage

How arrange marriage is more successful than love marriage

Most people watch movies and develop the intent to choose someone to love. They choose and fall in love and they become so mad that they would will to do whatever required to. Both these not so young boys and girls keep showing to each other about their positives. Here begins the love story. But when this love story turns out to be successful then a love marriage always round the corner. A marriage means a lot in such cases because the lovers want to live together and to express their trust to each other. A bonding starts, but how arrange marriage is more successful than love marriage? There are few suggestions, merits, consequences and much more.

It’s good to be truthful if you fall in love and let your lover know everything about you. Mostly, it’s then again makes no sense when you know each other more after marriage and start to dislike each other. The fights keeps on happening and thus a break in the relationship or a not so happy married life keeps going. The love marriage would not be successful as an arrange marriage, where you learn a lot right before marrying someone.

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Keep things simple. Your family members, siblings, parents and relatives always join you if you prefer an arrange marriage. Also there’s nothing to lose. If all goes well and the person already liked by your close ones, will become your partner. Married couples need not necessarily express that they’ve to live together even though they’re not happy with each other. Yes, there maybe moments of quarrels and some part time fights, but since you start loving after marriage, you ignore small things. Yes, arrange marriage also involves a lot of love between the couple after marriage.

Pros & Cons

If you fall in love and you belong to a culture, where there’s a necessity of marrying to keep relationships go on then you’re likely to marry your lover. A love affair in this type of cases has a duration of about 3 months to 5 or 12 years. This love-affair keeps you always excited and restless before the inevitable marriage. But again after the marriage your love affair changes to a married life.

You both start to know each other and difference of opinions comes bothers both of you. This is where nobody from among your parents or relatives would come to support you because that person was your choice, who was chosen only by you. But an arrange marriage goes a bit differently when the person accepted by multiple people besides you.

Everyone come in between to support both of you to live happily because they know both of you. In some cases, as it’s mentioned above that a marriage is nothing like living together whole life because divorces do take place everywhere. But in case of arrange marriage, where multiple persons have similar opinions about the proposal, which carries weight.

You need one or two from among your parents or relatives to support you against the one to whom you married. They try to play safe and support you and the one to whom you’re in relation through an arrange marriage. There are more chances of your relatives or parents supporting an arrange marriage than a love marriage.

Why arrange marriage is more successful & the last laugh

It’s a win win situation and divorces would not likely to take place when you prefer arrange marriage. Love marriage even in today’s modern world turns out sometimes not in your favor. The person to whom you got married through a love-affair wouldn’t likely to behave nicely with your parents or relatives. He or she will be bothered always about you and most likely ignore your parents or relatives as you chose him or her and he or she chose you.

The situation darkens when both of you get isolated and then you’ll say how arrange marriage is more successful than a love marriage. Ultimately, you would marry another person once the divorce takes place and also you would do arrange marriage. Right or wrong?

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