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If Google Buys Facebook This Can Happen

If Google Buys Facebook This Can Happen

Firstly, Google will become a very huge company. Also, it already has bought shares in Facebook or not, is the question mark. Now, why people think if Google buys Facebook then what? Let’s know step by step, initially in a formal way.

Google will be much more richer than APPLE. Buying Facebook means Google can own WhatsApp too. However, since Google gaining control over the people, and also has employees of Facebook too, there would be massive updates.

Google would use its algorithms to make Facebook users experience better. Its IT employees would upgrade, merge with, find you where you left from such search results. This means Google will be suggesting you more and notifying you about Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts and so on.

Just think it will change the world. Power of GOOGLE + Popularity of FACEBOOK = 200% more knowledge about you than you, yourself.

In the context, if Google buys Facebook, then it will become super-giant to be too close to you. You’ll have access to Facebook in a different way. The way you prefer to. The methodology would be to make your experience on Facebook and Google just so amazing that you would be too much confused.

Meanwhile, Please Note, It’s Nothing To Do With Google’s Business:

Meanwhile, please note: These 600 or more words are just the opinion of the author. You don’t have to take it as if everything told here, would be if Google buys Facebook this can happen or not so. Realize that one, who’s very low valued person posts some strong message on Facebook or WhatsApp, but nobody reacts to his or her message (a video, image, etc.). However, some VIP or high valued person posts the same after sometime then is it not a repetition? Yes, but people react, which hurts this person, who thinks everyone are same. This way, and by this nuisance, the article is written.

If you’ve shared something on Facebook for your Facebook friends, Google would note it down. But since WhatsApp would remain encrypted, Google would try its best to use Facebook in such a way to attract you more. And you would be spending more time on Facebook.

Imagine Google Bought Facebook

If Google buys Facebook is now out of context here, since you can imagine Google bought Facebook already.

Google would link your Facebook profile with what you would be searching on Google. And soon as you open the Google app, you’ll notice that you’ll be greeted for if your birthday, marriage-anniversary day, etc. is due. If you would be looking to visit some place for a holiday trip, Google would ask you are you visiting with your family or friends. This is not surprising too, because if you want to visit a holiday destination with your friends, then Google would suggest you, your few or more friends with whom you would be more comfortable.

Google would notice which friends react on your posts and which friends hurt you on WhatsApp or Facebook. So, Google would like you to travel with your friends, who maybe nice with you according to its judgement by reading your Facebook profile.

If you’ve shared something on Facebook for your Facebook friends, Google would note it down. But since WhatsApp would remain encrypted, Google would try its best to use Facebook in such a way to attract you more. And you would be spending more time on Facebook.

Since Google would become super-giant, it would suggest you everything about your diet, your exercise, your health checkup, and so on. Interestingly, Google would notice your passports expiry date, your credit card bill due, your sleeping time, etc.

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