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Artificial blood production research nowhere now

Artificial blood production research nowhere now

Experts, Scientists and Doctors will be pleased with production of artificial blood as blood-donors are highly in demand today. The fact that a single drop of artificial blood couldn’t be produced, makes sense when research goes nowhere.

Researchers though made science so advanced that heart-transplant surgery from Pig to human although possible now. But there are still many drawbacks.

However, with more advancement of science it’s also concluded that not even artificial sweat or tears could be produced.

The story goes on beyond research, to stay away from producing unnatural blood as mother’s milk also couldn’t be produced artificially.

Several experts argued already in the 1990s that science can do wonders in some more years. Decades have gone by and there’s the most useful development or invention of artificial intelligence, which is by far helping a lot in many ways.

There’s an alternative for everything, which the scientists believe. But no human organ would be made to replace the expired human organs, including kidneys or for some reason, animal organs would be not possibly the alternatives.

The pig’s heart is a breakthrough in medical science, but not a major one because of time limit. Every few months, the heart transplants to carry on, on one particular human being. This issue too wipes off the claims that lifetime would be increased because of pig’s heart. Also this suggests that if a single drop of blood if produced artificially then what then will stop science to produce artificial blood in large quantities.

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The bottom line here is blood comes in with many different groups like A+ blood group person needs A+ blood. O+ blood group person needs O+ blood. This is how it goes nowhere now, to produce blood artificially.

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