Another Pakistan Fast Bowler Injured As 1 More Setback

Another Pakistan Fast Bowler Injured As 1 More Setback

There was some advantage to India since Shaheen Shah Afridi’s knee injury, kept him away from Asia Cup. There’s yet another advantage to India since another setback for Pakistan reported, right before Aug 28 Asia Cup 2022 T20 match. Experienced and a very good wicket taking bowler Mohammad Wasim Jr seems to not play on Aug 28 due to back pain. Mohammad Wasim Jr suffered an injury, which is not much severe, but it’s likely that there will be another Pakistan fast bowler to not play on Aug 28.

The Aug 28 T20 match is the opener in the T20 Asia Cup 2022 for both India and Pakistan. After Shaheen Afridi’s injury Pakistan’s bowling attack would become more weak if Wasim Jr also ruled out.

Mohammad Wasim Jr celebrated his 21 years on Thursday and unfortunately complained of lower backpain. He also had to undergo an MRI scan. Wasim took part in all the three training sessions since arriving in Dubai on Tuesday. A bad news for Pakistan would be a good news for India. The preparations are on. Both sides want to win desperately on Aug 28 to begin the Asia Cup in a grand style.

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