Should India drop Pant and pick DK

Should India drop Pant and pick DK

Dinesh Karthik or DK is an experienced finisher of the white ball cricket games. Imagine if he plays too, along with Rishabh Pant then there will be a short of sixth bowling option. It’s a tough decision, but this BIG question needs an answer – should India drop Pant and play Karthik instead? The answer would be a BIG no or a BIG yes. However, India’s bowling is bit powerful than all other teams competing in the Asia Cup. The reason is India have two to three wicket takers.

First one is Arshdeep Singh, the second is Ravichandran Ashwin/Bhuvneshwar Kumar and the third one is the most aggressive bowler. The third one is Yuzvendra Chahal. Bhuvi or Bhuvneshwar Kumar will open the bowling for India along with Arshdeep Singh. Hardik Pandya will be the third bowler. At the end SIX overs of powerplay India can turn towards Chahal or Ashwin to put the breaks or pick few more wickets.

India’s bowling attack is much better if Bhuvneshwar, Arshdeep, Hardik, and two others like Ashwin and Yuzvendra would be well supported by a sixth bowler. The sixth bowler would be Ravindra Jadeja. Having Jadeja and Pant together makes no sense if DK not picked in the playing 11. So, it’s good if out of form Pant (in T20Is) would be rested to strengthen India’s batting with some good finishers.

The finishers are none other than Dinesh Karthik or DK and one more? It’s not Jadeja, but he’s a bowling allrounder in T20Is. He’s not so good in batting in the T20Is. So, the equation says, Rishabh Pant should be not dropped. Karthik needs to make space for Pant. That’s it.

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