Zomato Charging Rain Money When No Rain

Zomato Charging Rain Money When No Rain

The apps gone crazy that they ask tips for their delivery executives and they won’t give. Take for example Zomato charging rain money extra even when there will be ZERO percent rain. What’s disappointing is even after charging you extra rain money, which’s fixed, the apps ask you if you can give tips. They keep on asking you about cutlery, and tips until you finish off or complete the order. When you see food delivered to you in a state, which disappoints you, they won’t be surprised.

They can give the extra rain money to their delivery partners right, but they ask for tips too.

Yes, you’ve an option to register a complaint by simply rating as low as you can. The NO surprising factor is they won’t return you even half of your MONEY or redeliver you fresh food. They’ll be sorry for that, but they keep on minting money. You can straightaway tip their delivery executives or partners as they say so, but they seems to look smarter, to ask you tips. The delivery persons won’t ask you anything, but they say they won’t get the tips you give online.

Zomato comes up with notifications at least 5 times per day for you to order food again. Even if you turn off the notifications or not, you’ll order food at least once in a week. You’ll be disappointed every time you order because they just charge you extra. It’s again a stupid way of making money. A bit of cloudy weather and then they press the panic button. You see some clouds, you won’t see the rain. But Zomato charging rain money here in this case for what? Crazy people go stupid to make more money, but they finally lose customers. That’s what is happening.

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