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Stone pelting conspiracy to stop here

Stone pelting conspiracy to stop here

The stone pelting reports come and go, and somehow linked always to Muslims. In the old city a Muslim man from the fourth floor of the building have reasonably did not pelt any stones. Earlier, it was TOI, and many other media reported these kind of incidents, linked to Muslims. Now, for that matter, Siasat, a Muslim channel reports very short post about this one man incident against many. How dare the single 38 year old matured Muslim man could do that?

A Ganesh procession was passing through with as many as 100 devotees. Here again, stone pelting conspiracy becomes viral to blame the Muslims in India.

These are the fringe elements, and always have nothing to do with religion. These men or a single man would be paid to do so. The stones would be anything between very small to the size of concretes. No one would be hurt. An analysis on these reports show that no one hurt or injured ever in these “corrupt” incidents.

The procession was however large or small, they would have reacted violently. They reported to the police just to create viral news to blame Muslims. If his name is Muslim then does it mean that he’s a Muslim man? No. Not at all. The conspiracy is there. Why not Hindus do stone pelting than do mob-lynching by attacking in dozens to kill one or two Muslims?

The idea went wrong, and this time the propaganda got exposed. This has become old. Is he crazy or a mad Muslim to do so. The investigation is on. Let’s see with what, the Telangana police comes up. Let’s hope truth will come out at least this time. Else these blame games would never end. The stone pelting conspiracy would surely stop here.

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