Wicketkeepers to not field without gloves if this is so

Wicketkeepers to not field without gloves if this is so

Should wicketkeepers be allowed to remove glove in order to hit the stumps directly, if so for the runout? “The answer is simple, but very interesting because a fielder (bowler or batter) or a non wicketkeeper can’t wear the gloves. Right? So, why then wicketkeepers be allowed to field the ball by removing the gloves?”. Cricket managements need to call for this change to the ICC. This means, wicketkeepers to not field without gloves? Yes, and if any non wicketkeeping fielder wears gloves and fields, then a 5 run penalty would be imposed.

An interesting explanation

Cricket fans blamed #RishabhPant for his failure to hit the stumps. The reason, he was not ready by timely removing his gloves to throw the ball on to the stumps. A runout chance went begging since Sri Lanka chased easily in the end when two runs were required.

India was out from the Asia Cup 2022. A miserable exit. A shocking story to blame Rishabh Pant by giving example of MS Dhoni. It wasn’t fair and this explanation helps a lot to know why?

If this is so, and when they keep wickets with gloves on, then they shouldn’t remove the gloves for any advantage. Here’s the explanation: Many cricket fans want wicketkeepers to be ready when there is a possibility of runouts. What they say, would be like to remove a glove as a proactive measure when the ball misses the bat. This is in order to throw and hit the stumps, effectively for the runout.

By removing one hand’s glove, the wicketkeeper can easily hit the stumps for the crucial runout. This would likely be in the favor of the fielding team. Also because the batters would be ready to take single even when the wicketkeeper collects the ball.

This is how…

The time in between for the ball to reach the wicketkeepers, would be enough for the batters to quickly run. That time wicketkeepers remove a glove and hit the stumps if the ball misses the bat. However, some wicketkeepers would be successful and some would miss the target. Is it not so? Then why not make things easy and simple for everyone or for every wicketkeeper?

The rule would be wicketkeepers to not field without gloves. If any non wicketkeeping fielder wears gloves and fields, then a 5 run penalty would be imposed. So, why not this rule go parallel with the wicketkeepers too?

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