How Kids Learn Extra Subjects

How Kids Learn Extra Subjects

Teachers always have the options for teaching one or two subjects. A few teachers teach all subjects, and most of the teachers teach just one subject. How kids learn extra or all subjects from different teachers, and the kids really work hard a bit more. They too should have the options to learn a few or couple of subjects of their choice. But kids until graduation learn just too many subjects from different teachers, teaching them each subject. The battle of learning extra subjects by students and teaching one or two subjects by teachers should stop.

All teachers would not want to teach all subjects, and so the students right from childhood dislike few subjects. The criteria, here is teach necessary or important subjects to the kids until class 10. After they passed class 10, the teenagers would be given the choice of selecting their choicest subjects. This is how kids learn extra, would be futile.

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Pupils, who prefer medicine or want to become doctors, need not necessarily have to learn physics and chemistry. These aspiring doctors should be tested with related subjects or biology, botany, anatomy otherwise general medicine.

In their 11 grade and 12 grade, they should be taught medical subjects and with these few or three subjects, they can manage to compete for the medical seats. They’ll be too good to learn medicine and become good doctors. The burden would be reduced if no more extra languages or unnecessary subjects taught. This is the way, just right to change things to make simple and worthy.

Prioritize important subjects

Yes, for engineers too, it’s good to teach them math, physics and chemistry without adding few other not necessary subjects in 11 and 12 grades. They’ll compete from here and would be taught all important subjects in their respective engineering graduations. A computer science engineer shouldn’t be taught extra subjects. There are always more than 10 subjects right from the first year of engineering.

Teach computer, tech related subjects, teach real estate related subjects, and teach electronics related subjects, to computer science, civil, and electronical engineering students, respectively. This would make sense right? And there are many other engineering branches or fields. And also this way, if things go simple and students learn what is important than what is not necessary, they can do even better in their respective professions.

Reduce burden

The similar ways would be too good, right from class 11 to graduation in many other professions. If you want to become an accountant then why would you be taught extra language, extra math subjects? It’s easier for you to learn all accounting subjects, and you’ll do better and you would be happy to do post graduation too. A PhD and so on. The bottom line is just prioritize important subjects and teach those subjects. Else, reduce the burden at least.

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