Captain can win toss this way says legend

Captain can win toss this way says legend

Toss always not so crucial, whatsoever, and in whatever be the case. But winning a toss is an advantage for the captain to play with a preferrable approach. Sunil Gavaskar on the other hand, have always fond of providing tips to win toss in this way. This way or the other, some people might laugh, but what Gavaskar says can’t be ruled out. A captain can win toss, which’s although important or crucial, but sometimes cricket captains do say. “It was good to lose the toss”.

The battle can still go on if a captain wins the toss or loses, the team needs to give their best. The captain looks forward to win the match without much worry even if he loses the toss. However, let’s look at how men’s cricket watched more and also more interesting to watch when a captain decides to bat first.

Most of the cricket fans like their favorite teams’ captain to win the toss and decide to bat first. But at the end of the game, they blame that the decision of batting first was wrong.

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India’s former cricket captain: The legend, Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar, a legend and a cricket commentator, says a captain can win toss if he looks at the coin? So, what if he doesn’t look at the coin and calls a head or a tail? Here, he means that once a captain looked at the coin shown to him, he should say head.

Why should a captain say a head? Here, he means, a captain if sees on the coin, a tail, he should call for head. If he sees a head, he should call for tail. But if the captain tosses the coin and the other captain calls a head or a tail then what?

Here, is how a captain can win toss

Here, it means, a captain should imagine a tail once the coin lands and takes the position to show it as a tail. Similarly, he should imagine a head if the other captain calls it a head.

He would win the toss if he imagines losing by keeping in mind a head or a tail for few seconds. If he thinks or imagines a tail then a head would appear and vice versa.

This way, he would be thinking of losing the toss, and so this way, he wins the toss. This is not at all dramatic. But ultimately most of the captains win toss consistently, this way. It means if you think of losing the toss at the time of the coin going up or tossed up, you would win. Try and let others know, is this a false notion or a superstition, science or fiction. Whatever.

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