Alt News Founders Mocked For Wrong Nominee Reports

Alt News Founders Mocked For Wrong Nominee Reports

The Nobel Peace Prize would be declared on this Friday. Many people keep congratulating Mohammed Zubair and Pratik Sinha. They’re celebrating because, to come in the nominations, also a BIG achievement. Yes, it’s a BIG achievement. But, Nobel Peace Prize nominees will be not disclosed until 50 years later. Cheers for those, who dislike Alt News founders Pratik Sinha and Mohammed Zubair. This way or the other, Alt News founders mocked and again there’s almost 18 hours left to know the facts.

The Nobel Peace Prize rule is to not hurt the nominees. Most of the greatest nominees would be left out, unfortunately from winning because from more than 300 nominees, a very small number can be the winners. At least 3 or more people or organizations could possibly win the Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, hundreds of deserving nominees would be then shortlisted, and so will be not divulged until 50 years later. The reason is simple and the Nobel Prize winners will be declared, but not the nominees.

Alt News founders mocked

The event will be live on some online channels for the people across the world to watch. Norway is the country to host the event on Friday. It’s crazy to see that neither Pratik Sinha nor Mohammed Zubair as Alt News Cofounders or founders replied when people asked. People didn’t asked, is this true?

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Mohammed Zubair @zoo_bear on Twitter

Mostly then Alt News founders mocked, and this again very sad to know. Time Magazine did wonders and named Pratik Sinha and Mohammed Zubair as the nominees among some others. Wait, and watch or be ready for the guesswork, which can turnout in favor of Alt News founders.

Alt News fact checks all the viral fake posts and those fake posts about to go viral. Fights against misinformation to come up with the truth to show people. This way, Alt News believes in peace and works for peace to react against spread of hatred.

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