India Lacks Authentic Knowledge Of Islam

India Lacks Authentic Knowledge Of Islam

Almost 90% of Muslims in India, do not practice at least the basics of Islam. They do not spend time in the mosques or at their homes and learn authentic hadiths and understand the glorious Quran. Whether at home or anywhere, Muslim India lacks authentic knowledge of Islam. Those, who know authentic Hadiths and can explain each verse of the glorious Quran, are very few in numbers in India. So, the duty of a Muslim is to learn good, spread good and be peaceful. That’s not enough. Isn’t it not so? First stop speaking lies and do not believe the liars to begin with.

On the other hand, even if a Muslim do not practice Islam, he or she will be a Muslim. This is so because he or she believes in the Unseen Almighty Allah and remains thankful. People often get offended by this fact because they know all five time prayers are a must for every Muslim. However, Almighty Allah tests everyone and anyone would be forgiven even if they commit sins. One can still ask for the forgiveness from the Almighty even if one practices Islam.

If you practice Islam and then be proud over what you do, the right and stay away from the wrong, then again your proudness would be your downfall. You would be or would be not forgiven for that. But a humble person also very sinful would be forgiven or would be not. It’s up to the Almighty.

Muslim India lacks authentic knowledge

Muslims in India do learn from few good scholars, but do not follow what they teach for their lifetime. They learn and follow Islam and then go back to do, whatever they want to. Their life becomes horrible and they end up forgetting everything, which they’ve learned. But they can at least follow the basics of Islam to keep calm, patience and in peace.

Islam is based on the five pillars. First is believing in the oneness of the Almighty Allah and to not associating partners to the owner of the Worlds and everything that exists and do not exist. Worldly life is just for a time and the unending life after death and the judgement day needs to be in the mind and heart.

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Believe in all the messengers (may peace be upon all of them) sent to different places of the World and also follow the teachings of the last and final messenger sent to the entire humanity, to the entire World.

Jealousy in India keeps some people hate Muslims

The hatred of Muslims in the minds of the Non Muslims, mostly Non Believers, rising day by day in India. Believers always respect all religions. But the hatred comes from the ones, who pretend to be from so and so religion. They think Muslims have to be 100% factual when speaking to them even if they’re 100% wrong and even though Muslims almost true. So, it’s time to learn in the right way either at home or at mosque about the peaceful religion of Islam, the truth! You would, then explain anybody, the truthful Islam.

The hatred of Muslims rising, but without jealousy, there would be no hatred of Muslims. Jealousy is the main cause of all problems, and Muslims currently in trouble because of the jealousy from some groups of people. The explanation in short is why would some portion of India’s population cheer over the sufferings of the Muslims?

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The call for genocide looks possible for them and they want mass killings of the Muslims in India. With wrong and fake history in their minds and yes no authentic knowledge of history, they’re jealous of Muslims in India. They say, Muslims have 52 to 53 countries or more, some say, and so why not India be a one Hindu country? Go for it and do whatever you like India to be. But killing human beings whether Muslims or some others for whatever you want India to be, not justified. Is it not so?

Why Hate Muslims?

No one as a human being needs to hurt anyone from any other religion. All have their own faith in whatever they learn from their parents or ancestors. However, a clever human being is one, who starts to know what he or she doing might be wrong or right? So, he or she comes closer to learn first his or her religion, and then other religions.

If truth comes in their way, they’ll accept the truth. So, why not be that clever to know the truth and follow the truth? It’s logical that every person can claim that his or her religion is true, but with learned knowledge. If he or she finds something not right with what he or she or to whom he or she worshiping, then the questions arise.

No excuse, whatsoever. But they keep talking nonsense and illogically. Do they not realize, how the Non Muslims accepting Islam in large numbers, around the World? If you ask one Ex Non Muslim why did he or she accepted Islam? Their story would definitely stun you and you would also try to learn Islam. If you learn Islam in an authentic way, you would definitely accept Islam.

The authentic way of learning Islam needs to be talked more these days. It’s a fact that so much online fake Hadiths and wrong translation of the glorious Quran available everywhere. You need to know which’s the right way first, to learn all the facts about Islam.

Muslim India lacks authentic knowledge of Islam because the Muslims in India itself, about 90% do not follow Islam. Yes, India lacks authentic knowledge of every religion, and some people hate Muslims. Even the pious Muslims have no right to hate sinful Muslims or anyone else from any other religion.

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