Variations will be there if Umran Malik bowls his best balls

Variations will be there if Umran Malik bowls his best balls

To begin with, Umran Malik got yet another small opportunity to grab. He should bowl all his best balls, which he can and shouldn’t try too much variations. Consistency matters for him to become India’s fastest international bowler. Variations will be there and he should bowl without worrying of picking wickets. He’s fast and batters can use his speed to hit the ball out of the ropes. But he shouldn’t be too much worried because what he needs to do, is bowl his best balls.

A good control over bowling no extra deliveries like wide or no ball, often good enough to bowl just on the offside. The adjustments of the batters to what’s coming in with or without variation should be just too good. This is so because if they miss fast bowlers can hit. Just to hit the ball in the short format white ball cricket, batters use various technics to come hard at the fast bowlers. Variations will be there and shouldn’t be the reason for fast bowlers to use to control flow of runs.

Every delivery bowled always to pick wickets should be discouraged. Fast bowlers like Umran Malik need to bowl tidy line and length with or without variations. A hard try over a wide yorker or a short ball would not help or trying an in-swinging yorker too. If a fast bowler tries too hard to vary his line and length, it will be no good for him.

Fast bowling at right line & length

He’s selected in the team as a fast bowler, who can bowl fast and usually bowls right just on the offside. The batter reads and many would do homework to know that someone bowls without variations and so hit him that way.

The idea of the batter fails even if a fast bowler just normally bowls 2 to 3 different balls. That’s normal and should be carried forward. Fast bowler with good speed should bowl all his good balls without too many variations or none. A consistent line and length fast bowler always keeps the momentum going for the fielding team.

A slower run-rate can cause a wicket or two to fall. Variations will be there even if the bowler tries to bowl same deliveries in his all six balls. The pitch would play its own course. Fast bowlers would not bowl and would be not capable of bowling same speed balls. Can’t bowl too, at the same spot in their all six balls.

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