Haris Rauf supports captain for future to come good

Haris Rauf supports captain for future to come good

Pakistan’s some of the best cricketers like Shaheen Afridi and Haris Rauf supports captain Babar Azam for future. Rauf and Afridi supporting Babar Azam to say this way: “Our captain is good will be for us and he tweeted this way below. However, many followers reacted in different ways.

Haris Rauf, Captain, Babar Azam, Haris Rauf supports captain, Pakistan
Haris Rauf Tweet: In screenshot, Babar Azam & him.
Haris Rauf supports Captain, Pakistan Cricketers

PCB hopes good times to come by and very near too, for Pakistan cricket. Babar Azam gained a lot of experience by failures, victories and by the whitewash in Test series by England. He might play good and do good as captain, isn’t in the minds of the people of Pakistan. But many Pakistanis also support the team and captain Babar Azam.

Someone said cricket is Babar Azam and Babar Azam is cricket. The story continues as it’s good to criticize and also good to appreciate. However, Babar Azam is still young and he needed some support and fortunately the top cricketers supporting him.

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