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Deaths in India also likely by Omicron SV rapid spread

Deaths in India also likely by Omicron SV rapid spread

Millions of deaths likely in China within 90 days due to the rapid spread of Omicron subvariant (O-SV). Large number of deaths in India also possible due to the subvariants of Omicron, which was first detected in Gujarat and Odisha. India needs to check Covid-19 positive cases thoroughly to find out what variants the patients carrying. An Omicron subvariant patient can spread the virus to 18 or more people. It’s effectively a good time for India to take precautionary measures as very few of the positive cases were dangerous, so far.

States across India need to reimpose wearing of masks and maintaining social distancing within few days of time. A reasonable health dept meeting needs to be organized to combat and stop the spread of the subvariants of Omicron. This is the high time as India earlier failed to do so in stopping the spread of the virus.

Also various unnecessary actions were used earlier by the govt without bothering over wearing of masks and maintaining social-distancing. Cleanliness, hygiene and use of sanitizers also necessary if not from today, but from at least the next week or so. There’s ample time left to utilize and act accordingly, else India will be in deep trouble like before. It’s time now to learn from the mistakes. Should do. Must do. Do on time. Timely wakeup call. Answer it.

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Omicron SV (subvariant), BF7 lifting up China’s COVID positive cases, and also has been detected the same in India. However, in the past 24 hours, two cases in Gujarat and one from Odisha have been detected. The cases might be more as the subvariant also found in the U.S., UK, Belgium, Germany, France and Denmark.

The Bottom line

A threat of a million deaths in India also likely within sometime. A caution report to alert the people in India and learn more about what next to do. It’s all about taking good care from now-onwards. Do now and do not panic else hospitals would in heavy rush again. You’ve the right to question. You should be aware of and let others know how to be well prepared.

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