Google To Chat GPT Over Smart Writers Working This Way

Google To Chat GPT Over Smart Writers Working This Way

The idea of Chat GPT, an open AI product to conquer the world and the jobs looks ‘mission impossible’. People are coming with smart YouTube shows to explain ‘how to use Chat GPT to earn quick money’. Any shortcut to earn more money without some hard work keeps people crazy about. The search is on and from Google to Chat GPT, it’s simple to say Chat GPT is few years behind to Google.

Writers should know Chat GPT currently using a lightest water mark to which Google to Chat GPT would notice whether it’s an open AI article or blog. Once detected, it’s simple for Google to reject your article as AI made or with the help of Chat GPT.

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You lose a lot. Although I’m not sure how Chat GPT helps writers in any which way since more people or writers (not creative) are excited about. The reason for their excitement is the way they’re using Google translate in someway, which would also be known to Google in sometime.

Non-creative and non-talented writers coming up with over smart ways. They’re challenging Google and earning some quick money for just a short-time. They’ll regret later. Firstly, using their own mother tongue they do some adjustments with Google translate feature. Let’s understand what they’re doing in excitement and what not.

Having a very good, well compiled and well written article in hand with the help of Chat GPT, what they do? They translate the text of the article, which would be somewhere of about 3000 words. They’ll read the article or blog in their language or in their mother tongue in which they’ve translated to.

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They would just remove all tough words or difficult words and use simple language. This is so because any bot would use such words or phrases to explain the readers in detail and within the context. They’ve smart ways of using Chat GPT here with the help of some input feature from Google to write whatever they like to change difficult words to easier.

Suppose for example, people (not creative writers actually) translated Chat GPT made English article in the language they understand by using Google translate.

They do some work upon it either by asking more to Chat GPT like. If the topic they choose be like ‘how to convince people to do more’ and might be some other topic. But here with this topic, they ask Chat GPT to help with more information such as ‘how to make people work’, how to keep people work more for you’ and so on.

They do then all compilation. Yes, they use Google features to change tough text in to easier ones. Now what? They would again translate from their own language or mother tongue to English. This way, what they wanted they would get. A unique full of good-read as the readers would be delighted to read their article word by word and complete it reading at least twice. So what, they cheat this way.

However, Google to Chat GPT, over smart writers working this way and this would be futile in sometime. Yes, they know they need to cheat Google. This is because currently Google just detecting the articles written with the help of Chat GPT as there’s almost invisible water mark, which Chat GPT articles coming up with.

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