No Jobs In India Push Pakistanis To Bear These Slurs

No Jobs In India Push Pakistanis To Bear These Slurs

No Jobs In India Push Pakistanis & What Not…

India within certain platforms doing good as rich in India becoming more rich. The poor becoming the poorest. The soft economy like Bollywood and cricket started doing good. Some people in India have become restless or resting more with cryptic knowledge to use slurs on social media. No jobs in India shouldn’t be the crimes or a social crime to show too much aggression, anger, misbehavior or nuisance.

Mostly, some people of India say, “Pakistani detected opinion rejected”. “Porkistanis” (a slur involves pork, but to disrespect the Pakistanis). “Bhikharistan” ( a slur to say beggar’s country), or they say, “Atta khatam hogaya kya” (is wheat flour finished). What’s there to say so when some good Pakistanis come with a bit of goodness to interact with people of India. There are good and bad people just everywhere in every country.

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Mostly, Pakistani people have to bear such slurs when they come over to ask some independent channels or independent journalists. What’s more than this slur, “Bikharis” (Beggars) used popularly for all Pakistanis whether good or bad.

You can imagine even an Indian, who’s opinion just comes out of the box would be told a Pakistani to bear such slurs. They say to Pakistanis and to some Indians just the same because they’re resting to create hatred out of nothing while there are no jobs in India.

No jobs? Yes, not many jobs in India for most of the population. There’s hunger and poverty to not show more, but some young men relying on parents-hard-earned-money, use bad or one can say, filthy language or filthy words.

Where’s India heading towards? Let’s know some more as which way some Indians still uneducated even though they might be rich or richer than the working-class.

No Jobs In India, But…

Over the years, India was growing just too much in politeness, good-behavior and in give-respect and take-respect format. Now and since 2014, the vulgarity, hatred, crimes like murders, mob-lynching, rapes and so on increased a lot.

Remember the words ‘since 2014’ to know, from that year the BJP have come to power. They’re using these people to commit crimes and more crimes on innocent people and also encouraging fake reports.

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Generating fake posts and so on. The game is on, but should all Indians bear what some Indians keep doing to bring down the name and popularity of India? Yes, the popularity of India increasing a lot, but for all bad.

A country moves forward year by year, but ‘since 2014’, India is surely going backwards. Isn’t this a sorry state for all good Indians, who support the victims and not the criminals?

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