Schools Not Listening KCR June 1 Call To Jump Back

Schools Not Listening KCR June 1 Call To Jump Back

Some Telangana State’s schools not listening KCR call to resume classes on June 1. June 2 is Telangana State formation day, and Chief Minister KCR wants schools to reopen on June 1. The top schools resumed after a brief break post exams. Students are going to the top schools in this scorching summer heat.

Normally, schools to have about 2 month of holidays after the exams are over. However, some schools are still running, a break (holidays) of 40 or a bit more days will be granted to the students. The holidays would be a bit shorter as summer vacation are from April 25. 

Well, it will be about 35 days of summer vacation in between if the schools listen to the Chief Minister’s call to reopen on June 1 to celebrate Telangana State formation day on June 2.

Schools Not Listening KCR Not An Issue

However, since TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi) upgraded to BRS (Bharat Rashtra Samithi), KCR now is least bothered about June 2, which is Telangana State formation day. He’s moving around different places in India and delivering his speeches in front of massive crowd. He says, he’s an Indian citizen and he would be not limited to Telangana State only.  

Mostly, international schools not cooperating. The reason is, it would be too early for the schools to reopen on June 1. An amicable solution to the earlier call by the CM, which has been ignored year by year. The schools not listening KCR would be not good on the way to celebrate Telangana formation day on June 2. The idea is, students should celebrate Telangana State formation day at the school premises. 

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Currently, classes are going on for pre-primary, primary to higher secondary education in the top schools. Since the past few years, schools not listening KCR call to reopen as early as on June 1. Again, the Telangana State Chief Minister KCR, himself needs to sort out such a good call to be followed by all the schools. However, as told earlier, CM KCR is least bothered about this issue, and this would come up again later.

In 2024, who knows KCR would retain his place as the Chief Minister of Telangana State or beyond with BRS. 

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