Bloggers Wait To Earn Money As AI To Be Challenged

Bloggers Wait To Earn Money As AI To Be Challenged

AI or Artificial Intelligence would likely to be challenged in some quick time. The emergence of AI has put content writers to IT specialists in trouble. They’re losing jobs, but Bloggers too are worried of low income. A blog is published with lot of hard work. However, few bloggers have quit working and some bloggers wait to earn money in future. Some bloggers wait to earn money by working without motivation, and encouragement. Also, with disappointment to work hard almost for free.

Bloggers take their time and complete their lengthy blogs of about 2000 to 3000 words and publish. However, since they used to take time of about 3-4 days to publish their blog articles, they used to earn thousands of dollars per month. The criteria, currently is different even though bloggers wait to earn huge money by doing lot of research work, they’re worried. They’re worried because of the emergence of AI.

Before the AI emergence, it was so easy for quickies too. These blog publishing quickies do hard work and write at least 3-4 articles per day. They write engaging content, but not necessarily spend time on proofreading, and research. These are the creative writers, who are so creative that they think it’s time to publish else it would be too late.

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Creative writers’ first weakness or main weakness is to not wait. They’re always in a hurry. However, AI will be soon challenged. This would likely to happen.

Man made content or just any work always so special than artificial work. So, AI would be overtaken soon by the creativity of the most talented bloggers. The bloggers wait to earn money if not huge money, but their wait would be rewarded soon.

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