Indians Flying To America On Student Visas Declining

Indians Flying To America On Student Visas Declining

A big issue for America and mostly for India as number of Indians flying to America for further studies declining. The issuing of visas for further studies in America are going on with a rate of rejection to about 2 out of 10 student visas. This means 20 candidates won’t get student visas out of 100 applicants per month. A study by Shiksha shows how Indians flying to America are on a decline since more than 3 years.

Almost all student visa applicants won’t necessarily want to fly America to live their American dream life. They’re flying to America genuinely for study purpose, and so the rate of student visa success is on a high. However, some ambitious applicants wanting to fly America like the past candidates to earn money alongside studying might be some reason.

The big issue for America would be short of labor as mostly students from India do odd jobs in America. They study and they work. But their primary achievement always remains the same. This means they want to earn alongside their studies as mentioned above, which is to earn in dollars.

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The criteria is how long the new rules would be supported. The rules to not allow legal stay for longtime or forever to Indians flying to America has been challenged.

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It means, in coming few years, a decision would be taken to amend the new rules to reinstate the old rules. This also means if students flying from India to America further declines then the old rules would comeback to replace the new rules.

Currently, as told by Shiksha, a consultancy in India, which supports students to study abroad, “America for students is just for study purpose”. Means students should think of staying in America by studying and then relocate to other countries for jobs.

A Shiksha spokesperson told that: “You can do further studies in America and work wherever you want to (in other countries) because by studying in America, it’s easier to get jobs in other countries”.

This sounds terrible as straightforwardly Shiksha says one can’t stay in America for too long. This means study in America and leave.

However, young boys and girls shouldn’t worry because they can marry an American citizen and stay in America legally as citizens. The process of citizenship is simple and quick. The boys and girls post their marriage to American citizens are eligible to bring even their parents and siblings to America too. This means, America is still the land of opportunities.

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