Asian Cricket Council Accepts Hybrid Model for 2023 Asia Cup, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to Benefit

Asian Cricket Council Accepts Hybrid Model for 2023 Asia Cup, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to Benefit

The ACC – Asian Cricket Council accepts hybrid model, which was proposed in two ways by Najam Sethi. Najam Sethi (PCB chairman) brought another hybrid model 2.0 in front of Jay Shah (ACC president and BCCI secretary). The hybrid model 2.0 has been given the nod in which 4 Asia Cup 2023 ODIs will be played in Pakistan and India’s visit of Pakistan not required. Otherwise, the hybrid model 1.0 was just for India to play their Asia Cup ODIs in the UAE. It’s a win win situation for Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India.

Sri Lanka is hindering Pakistan’s financial gains, as it impedes their ability to make more money. This news is breaking, despite the ongoing preparation of the draft. While Pakistan will benefit from the Asia Cup 2023, the recently approved hybrid model 2.0 means that Sri Lanka will earn more revenue. Jay Shah will work with broadcasters to finalize the Asia Cup schedule, while the schedule for the 2023 ODI World Cup has yet to be announced.

Nepal will face Pakistan in the opening ODI of the Asia Cup 2023. Additionally, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan will also travel to Pakistan for their respective matches. The tournament will feature a total of 13 ODIs, with four taking place in Pakistan and the remaining nine in Sri Lanka. India and Pakistan will be in the same group, alongside Nepal, and will face each other at a later stage in the tournament.

The Sri Lanka cricket board is delighted, but there is a threat of rain in Sri Lanka. The reason for this was not thought to be due to hot weather in the UAE. The UAE was keen to conduct Asia Cup ODIs in the evening, where there would be less heat and humidity. However, Jay Shah’s decision to play 9 ODIs in Sri Lanka may not be favorable for India. India does not have the best winning record against Sri Lanka in the island nation.

The good news for cricket fans is that Asian Cricket Council accepts hybrid model of Najam Sethi and Pakistan to visit India to play ODI World Cup 2023. There would be at least 4 #IndiavsPakistan matches likely to be played in the upcoming events. There’s another news that India will visit Pakistan in 2025 for the ICC Champions Trophy matches.  

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