Hyderabad Party Common Dialogues: A Peek into the Social Scene

Hyderabad Party Common Dialogues: A Peek into the Social Scene

You would never know how parties in Hyderabad are more than a celebration. People, who won’t visit or unable to visit their relatives or friends, would try their best to attend parties. Parties in Hyderabad organized not just for any special occasion like marriage, but for get-togethers or you can say gatherings. These Hyderabad party common dialogues are worth to know in an interesting way.

The scenes out of the Hyderabad party common dialogues are unimaginable because most of them remember just the food. Everything else they forget, but gossips post the parties would be in their minds.

Mostly, Hyderabad people do not follow any tradition. They mingle well with others, and also try their best to change their accent according to other people’s way of speaking. The hugs go on initially, and the handshakes among the gents. So, ladies and gentlemen, here we go.

Hyderabad Party Common Dialogues: Ladies

Waah waah aap aaye bahot khushi hui. These two ladies hug each other and know what they would say: Kabhi hum unhe dekhte kabhi hum unko. Ye un, hum, un kya hai. Jo bhi hai chalo, bahot slim hogaye. Nahi Meera, mai isse bhi zyada dubli thi. Tum log milte nai, isliye bolte milte rehna, sab malum hota. She murmers {mai exercise karriun na). She says then, arey yaro aur Naina nai aayee. Sunah hai uski family Australia jaari next month. (Here and everywhere, the dialogues are differentiated by fonts like italics, and normal. Normal Bold (the author).   

Party Common Dialogues: Gents

Gents would not necessarily bother too much about and what to wear unlike the ladies of this City. They need a break. They yearn for some good time other than having to spend more time within relatives and family members. Yes, if there’s any party by the relatives and especially from the friends, they would be keen to attend. But unlike the ladies, they prefer nothing special or take any more time to get ready. Here’s how they greet each other below: 

Arey waah kitne dino baad mere bhai. Kaisa hai too. Aur suna, kya haal hai, job kaise chalri? Naa bhai job kabki resign kardiya. Arey, arey phir? Sab maze me chalra. Kaise? Ek chchoti si chai ki dukaan daala. Bass, kharcha nikaljaata. Arey waah! Mera bhai businessman bangaya. Another two guys joins them. Firstly they greet each other in their own way and all four of them take the seats. Aur kya itne log bass. Sab ko diya shayad naa Dawat tu, Saleem? Yes, Bhai, woh log aate abhi. Abhi raaste mein honge shayad.    

Let’s take a break here. Look over other interesting and thrilling reads of about 5 to 20 mins each. Some posts are more lengthy and also very interesting, but here in this post, let’s stop right here. See you later. Have a good time. 

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