How BCCI failed to hire better staff to pick extreme talents

How BCCI failed to hire better staff to pick extreme talents

To know how BCCI failed even after earning huge money from the bilateral series too, cricket analysts would say, money can’t buy everything. You’ve few examples like Rinku Singh, Jasprit Bumrah and some others for what they did and reached new heights. But do BCCI have better staff to coach them to perform even better to win big games or trophies?

No, they rely on Mr. or Mrs. dependents to win cricket games. The idea should be to keep picking extremely talented players in both men and women cricket to coach them to perform even better. BCCI is the richest cricket board in the World thanks to IPL and India’s population, who loves cricket more than any other sports. However, to please the cricket fans, who want India to win cricket games, the BCCI have so far did nothing good.

Hiring expert bowling, fielding and batting coach would be in the list, but BCCI would not like to spend a bit more money. They EARN a lot, and also couldn’t train raw pace bowlers and wicket taking spinners. The questions to ask BCCI might be too many, but how BCCI failed in so many causes are even much more.

At the end of the day, fans would just scream on social media for India winning games marginally. A marginal win delights cricket fans, but again if cricket analysts sit togethet to assess, marginal wins could go either way. Fortunately, the wins go in records as WINS. 

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kuldeep yadav

A win or a loss would always be in the minds until the last ball bowled. Dominating team India, is the demand from money making BCCI to keep other teams trying hard to come even a bit close to match the otherwise top most India players.

How BCCI Failed to Pick Players on Merit

What’s required even something from BCCI is team India to go for BIG wins against any team in the World. This would definitely send a strong message to all teams, competing in major tournaments like the Asia Cup and World Cup.

The atmosphere still would be so much electric if young blood from India do some wonders. The idea also would be to watch India play dominating cricket to impress India fans, one and all across the World. Yes, money can’t buy everything, but it also doesn’t mean to eat. The talent and potential of top India players mostly sidelined.

Top players are there in every part of India. BCCI needs to hire better staff to pick extremely talented players. The talent hunt needs to be launched other than IPL, which helps BCCI to pick better players. But what about the extreme talents, which go unnoticed? 

Fruit is there, but would be sold later, means when the FRUIT gets rotten? Why so late, but Sachin Tendulkar was picked when he was just too young, and he was just a lone warrior for India, couple of decades back. Now what? With huge money in hand, BCCI not doing good for extremely talented cricket players in India.     

Cricketers’ Luck

A business runs successfully because of good staff. If the staff in BCCI is not up to the level of serving India better players, how then how BCCI failed matters a lot, to just lose even one GAME. Team India would just can’t be playing team B or team C to counter small teams. ONE nation one TEAM with some changes to provide opportunities for some young players in couple of games of the bilateral or of the tournament.

More chances for more cricketers to play international games would go in a mess to not provide competition. To play for India, players should know, it’s tough and they need to perform extremely good. The more effort they put in, to grab the opportunity, to play for India, the more strong would be TEAM INDIA. 

People shouldn’t be proud of how much BIG money, BCCI makes, but how BCCI failed so far. It’s time for BCCI to manage by NOT applying pressure on outgoing batters like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. The raw pace bowler or 150kmph bowler, Umran Malik is not a strong member of the team. How long India should depend upon Jasprit Bumrah to win matches.

Spinners or slow bowlers also can win the games for India. But how BCCI failed to produce wicket taking spin bowlers, and then again comes few more questions.     

Middleclass to poorest of poor cricketers 

Poorest of poor or just from not so poor background cricketers have nothing to lose. They work just so hard in their game to shine and rise and they dream big to achieve. Whereas, middleclass cricketers in contrast have to earn money besides keeping their hopes alive until they get something, which looks enough for them.

They need to maintain the momentum of their livelihood to help their families to have even better food, fun and so on. So, they giveup, thinking there’s not much to come by providing more time to cricket than focussing just on education to get decent jobs. You can’t imagine a 55 year old man or a 60 year old man from the middleclass possesses a lot of cricketing skills.   

Worthful Examples – How BCCI Failed:

A middleclass MBBS student MV Sridhar from Hyderabad as one such example to say so.

Earlier, in the late 90s, Sridhar was MBBS student of third year and he was a very good Ranjhi batter. What he did? He left cricket and completed MBBS and then established himself as doctor. That sounds good to be a doctor.

But in those days India’s legendary cricketer M. Azharuddin told that Sridhar just spoiled his cricketng career by choosing MBBS. He could have given more time to his cricketing career.

MV Sridhar have nothing more to say as he worked hard in both of his choicest fields because he studied MBBS from a govt college (Osmania Medical College of Hyderabad) and did further studies. Unlike such scenarios, while middleclass in India eyes two things at a time. But the poorest of the poor do their everything to achieve their dreams like Hardik Pandya, Rinku Singh, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj, and many more. They’ve nothing to lose. They try hard and even from them few lucky ones get the break.  

How BCCI failed here to not pick best players for Test cricket is one some issue. One can’t imagine how Sarfaraz Khan wasn’t picked yet. Had he been playing for India…, the WTC trophy would be won by team India. He was ignored except for IPL. His international cricketing career also seems to end as he would be 26 year old soon.

Thinking wisely he got married in 2023. He still hopes to be picked to play for India. Not because he’s from a higher middleclass background. Keeps his hopes alive and he got lesser than what he deserved. Yes, not yet India’s cap for which he’s desperate of.  

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